Munnar: 07-10 Feb 2014

Munnar: 07-10 Feb 2014

We celebrated the wedding anniversary of Jegans at the hill town, Munnar, Kerala known for its tea and spice gardens Our sweetie Varshni was much exited during this trip as she experienced the Horse ride, Elephant ride, Boating etc., She was much excited and fearless ( we only feared when she went for the horse […]

Sweetie's first visit to zoo

Sweetie’s first visit to zoo

Sweetie’s first visit to zoo : 2014, Jan 04 On her second birthday Sweetie went to zoo at Mysore and enjoyed very much with out any fear   Out of the many nursery rhymes Sweetie likes the “zoo song” very much and she is identifying the animals in the pictures. So we wanted to take […]

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

My New Year wishes to you all. On a new year’s day everyone would like to look back the events of yester year. It is true one can not remember all the events or they don’t know some of the events that had happened.   I am presenting some of the photos collected from the […]

தீபாவளி  நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

தீபாவளி நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Bangalore Panorama Bangalore i(wa)s popularly known as “Garden City”. Skyscrapers are creeping in and the gardens are vanishing. Wherever you turn you see sky high buildings and “malls” within. UB City has four towers, parking space for 1100 cars, roof top helipad. UB city is the present leader of the skyscrapers Last year, 2012 the firework at the Mysore Palace […]

Hands free

Hi folks, updates

It is nearly 6 weeks , I have not updated the events in this page. Too busy… Santhosh wedding at Chennai, very tight bussiness schedules etc., etc., Admist our busy schedules, we had the opertunity to have the weekend getaway at Coonoor, Nilgiris. Jegan had the good opertunity to photograph the wild animals in the […]

Sweetie now

Sweetie is “walkie-talkie” now.

Sweetie completes 17th month by this week She is a real “walkie Talkie” now. She never sits in a place and always carry the soft toys, Buchu,Mickey and Minne with her. She sleeps for a while in the day time and it is great task for Jana to handle her. She “helps” Jana in the […]

Archives in my Web page

Archives in my Web page

You can visit to our back issues from here. This is an archives page presented in the choronological order of the issue published. the miniature of the front page is displayed here. The details is shown if you hover the cursor over a picture and you will be lead to the page concerned. click here

Suganya weds Nirmal

Reloading the happiness…. happy moments in SuganyaNirmal wedding

We had a memorable time in Sugan-Nirmal wedding. Jan 31 – Feb 01,2013. We present some of the events captured during the occassion. More pictures are randomly presented in the following pages. We have covered “men and moods”, not the wedding ceremonies. yes.. it is reloading the happiness….. more pics….

Left-Right-Center... What it is?

Left-Right-Center… What is it?

This is a story about the road traffic in Bangalore. When you were here last month for our Sweetie’s Birthday, you would have experienced the terrific traffic. It is chaotic and confusing. Ths page is designed as if you’re travelling in a car,(you have to turn and U turn ) you can see your position […]

prost Neujahr

prost Neujahr

  what all these (85)words in the “word cloud” mean?????                                                                                                       know more… Hope you will enjoy this. It is reloading the happiness.