Sweetie is “walkie-talkie” now.

Sweetie completes 17th month by this week
She is a real “walkie Talkie” now. She never sits in a place and always carry the soft toys, Buchu,Mickey and Minne with her. She sleeps for a while in the day time and it is great task for Jana to handle her. She “helps” Jana in the kitchen by taking every thing out from the lower cup board and asking what is what.




Sweetie now likes the Tom & Jerry, Chugington, Mickey’s Club house in addition to the Tamil/English rhymes. Her Tahtha has downloaded many such stories in his TAB for her. She takes possession of the TAB and enjoys the above videos by relaxing in the couch while her thatha watches the IPL matches in TV. Both of them go to sleep only after midnight. She draws the horse, wherever she wants and rides on it. She took charge of the “water can management” when thre was water shutdown for 14 hours in our apartment.   ……More

yes… it is reloading the happiness … first birthday pics are here.(click here)

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