Street dogs…..


Street Dogs …. it is not a new music album, it is about the menace of street dogs in Bangalore.   Bangalore streets are with stray dogs and threat to human life. 

I am presenting  here  some of the  pictures shot with my Blackberry on the stray dogs while on my morning walking.. 

Some dogs are soft,some are calm and some are ferocious and whatever, who dares to go nearby. I am also a “dog lover” and this story is about the street dogs menace recently faced in Bangalore.  


         BBMP (Bangalore corporation) is  spending nearly Rs.6-8 crores to catch the street dogs to prevent  “rabis” bites to public. But there are many stories appear in the news papers that there are incidents of stray dogs attack, especially to the children. You can not  see a single dog on the street, when the   “dog catcher” comes. ( there should be some prior information reaches to the dogs)    

  One of the reasons for breeding the stray dogs, is piles of garbage on the street corners.  Though the conservancy staff of the corporation are on their sincere duty, the volume of garbage accumulation is beyond control. BBMP is adament in collecting the garbage by itself.  When Karnataka Cricket Board collected and dumped the wastes and garbage after a recent IPL match, in to  a corporation dumping yard, the BBMP siezed one of the four trucks used for the dumping. ( the  unheared news is that BBMP was not given adequate free passes for the matches)   

         When we are talking about the stray dogs on the street,  we can also see some dogs are trained and “domestic”. In this picture, the dog is sitting on the  railway gatemen platform as if it is “manning” the level crossing. If you see the  a small blue board  on the back ground, it reads “gate man on Duty”. It is very nice to watch this sight.  

 Some of the “owners”  never let their dog freely on the road. They keep them in front of their home tied to a chain. Here, a  domesticated dog is tied in front of the  closed shop to keep vigil.          

      Is your city is free of stray dogs??? be sure and be safe.

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  1. arvind
    arvind May 11, 2012 at 10:07 am | | Reply

    It’s a sarcastic note, how dogs also vanish when somebody comes to hunt for them, maybe they are in politics too !
    You should take it up with local authorities, thro’ press , captivating the photos on camera which could display time & date & send it to them. anyway pl ensure you have safe & enjoyable walking.
    We look for separate edition on your pets, & an album exclusively for ” buchu ” !

  2. Suganya
    Suganya May 22, 2012 at 1:26 pm | | Reply

    Well researched and nicely presented…

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  4. Aditya Acharya
    Aditya Acharya November 10, 2018 at 4:05 pm | | Reply

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