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Varshni's First Birth day

First year celebration begins

We invite you..

your august presence with your family, is solicited ..

you are invited

Varshni's First Birthday

..on the occassion of "Aptha poorthy and Aayush homam"

Please do come

at Bangalore

on December 18, 2012, Tuesday between 10.30 and 12.00 hrs.
Venue: Community Hall "Kristal Olivine",
adjacent to CENTRAL mall,
Outer ring road,Bellandur.

Bless our Sweetie

Please do come

with your family and bless the child.

Ananthi & Jegan

Yes.. we also invite you

it is great pleasure to invite you and your family to bless our Sweetie Varshni on her first Birth day

Janaki Rajan and Rajam Shanmugam