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Sweetie's day out.

Our Sweetie had the first day out on Sunday 15th.

We had been to Chennai to attend Suganya's betrothal. We had been there on 15th and 16th. On Sunday we made our social calls by visiting my brothers' houses. Sweetie was very active and interacted with "Thathas and Patti"
Bargavi gave her a good company.

I am presenting some pictures shot on these days in my Blog (click here)    page. There is a story about Bargavi's Coconut Tree. Please do visit.

On the left you see Sweetie with Bargavi and Meera Patti.(one more Meera is on the right side)

Some more interesting features are coming on the following weeks

So don't miss a thing... it is reloading the happiness

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               Sweetie with her Periyamma, Meera

Sweetie is "turning around" now, more stories to follow .....