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Should the "bouncers" be banned in Cricket ??

Nari Contractorn(80) Indian Test Player
Expressing his grief over Hughes' demise on Thursday,20/11/14, Nari Contractor , whose international career was cut short by a similar incident; asserted that the change in rule or a ban on bouncers will take away the beauty of Test cricket.
"It is a very tragic and unfortunate incident and the world has lost a young and talented batsman. But then, this is part and parcel of the sport. I am hearing that some people are calling for change in rules and do away with bouncers. If that is done, it will take away the beauty of Test cricket," Contractor told IANS over the phone.
"You cannot give a knee jerk reaction. Have not people fielded at forward short leg after Raman Lamba died?," asked Contractor, referring to the former India batsman who died in 1998 after being struck in the temple by a cricket ball while playing in Bangladesh.
The well known and the only survivor from the bouncer is Nari Contractor of India. Contractor played 31 Tests for India before his career was cruelly aborted when he was hit on the skull by a short delivery from West Indian Charlie Griffith in the Indian tourists' colony game against Barbados in 1962.

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Freakish accident' gave Hughes little chance of survival - doctors
The death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes was caused by a "freakish accident" that gave the 25-year-old international batsman little chance of survival, his doctors said .
Hughes was struck by a short-pitched delivery on Tuesday while playing in a domestic match and died in St Vincent's hospital on Thursday,20/11/2014 having never regained consciousness.
"I think in this instance, this was a freakish accident because it was an injury to the neck that caused haemorrhage in the brain. The condition is incredibly rare," Cricket Australia doctor Peter Brukner told a media conference at the hospital.
The injury, called a subarachnoid haemorrhage, occurs when an artery is compressed and splits, forcing blood into the brain area. Only one case had previously been reported as a result of a cricket ball, said Brukner

Necessity of Head Gear (Helmet):
Cricket is one of many sports where helmets are used but it's not compulsory in the senior game.
Helmets are standard in American football, equine events, competitive skiing and many other pastimes involving high speeds or violent bodily contact.
First to wear aHead Gear in Cricket:Following the Bodyline series, in 1933, England batsman Patsy Hendren, playing against the West Indies at Lord's, wore a protective cap created by his wife. Resembling a deerstalker hat, it had three peaks, two of which covered the ears and temples on either side of the head and were lined with sponge rubber.
The use of real cricket helmets has largely evolved over the last 40 years or so. Australian left-hander Graham Yallop was booed when he became the first player to wear a full helmet - an improvised motorcycle helmet, including a plastic visor - in a Test match, in Barbados in 1978.
These days' top-level players usually wear a helmet when facing fast or medium-pacer bowlers. In the UK it is compulsory for cricketers under 18 to use one when batting, whatever the speed of bowling.
What do the MASURI say??
With questions being raised over the degree of safety provided by protective gears in cricket in the wake of the Phil Hughes incident, the manufacturer of the injured cricketer's helmet, Masuri, has said that the Australian batsman was wearing an older and lighter headgear.
A spokesman for the UK-based company said that Hughes was wearing an old helmet instead of their their latest model, in the Sheffield Shield match between New South Wales and South Australia at the SCG on Tuesday. "From the footage and pictures currently available to Masuri, it appears that Phil Hughes was struck by the ball to the rear of the grille and below the back of the shell, missing his Masuri Original Test model helmet," the spokesman was quoted as saying by Australian press.
"This is a vulnerable area of the head and neck that helmets cannot fully protect, while enabling batsmen to have full and proper movement."
Masuri had launched a new model of helmet that covers the back of the batsmen's head in August last year, but it seems Hughes was not wearing the latest model while batting in the Sheffield Shield match. The spokesman, however, refused to comment on whether the latest model helmets could have prevented the injury.
Feelings of the Indian players:
Phil Hughes' tragic death has shocked the cricket world so much that even young Indian first-class players are demanding better equipped helmets in the coming days to minimise the possibility of head injury.
Phil Hughes was wearing Masuri's older version of helmets. The newly-designed ones have their grills extended till the neck region. So you minimise the possibility of having any exposed area in that delicate part,
Veteran India opener and Delhi captain Gautam Gambhir however feels otherwise.
"Masuri makes the best helmets and you can't blame the manufacturer. The helmet that I wear is not the one that Hughes was wearing. It's just luck and nothing else. He got hit in a delicate region and it was freak,"
Senior off-spinner Harbhajan Singh feels that it's not about helmets but players should be aware and conscious about wearing all the protective gears while batting.
It's not about helmets only. I have seen a lot of batsmen not wearing chest guards which I feel is a very wrong thing. Some feel that their body movement gets restricted while wearing chest guards but I have never felt that way. I believe one can even sustain serious chest injuries or rib-cage fractures. So it's not only about helmets but also about chest guards."
However the most telling quote came from Delhi wicketkeeper Puneet Bisht, when asked if he plans to wear a customized helmet or one with better protection. "If your name is written on that delivery, no helmet can work,"(Helmet se kuch nahin hota hain. Agar ball pe naam likha hoga toh kuch nahin kar sakte ) said Bisht.

Cricketers who died of injuries on the field:
There were several deaths reported due to injuries during the first class Cricket.
1. Bert Whitefield ,The Australian wicket keeper batsman was injured by a Bodyline ball from England bowler Larwood (1932) and succumbed to death
2. Raman Lamba of India (1998) was injured badly when he was at short leg and the ball from the batsman hit his head and reflected to the wicket keeper. The batsman was given out by the umpire. But Raman Lamba fell unconscious on the field. He died after two days
3. Abdul Aziz of Pakistan (1959) while he was batting, was hit by a ball from the off-spinner, in his chest and fell unconscious and died on the way to hospital. He was 17.
There were several ill-fated accidents in the cricket field when the matches being played.
1. Mark Boucher, South African wicket keeper, during a practice match (2012) , was hit by a bail from the spin delivery of Imran Thahir. He lost his left eye. He retired from the first class cricket having 998 international dismissals to his credit.
2. English umpire Jenkins(72) was officiating a league match (2009) when he was struck on the head by a ball thrown by a fielder that hit him accidentally. Jenkins could not recover from his injuries.
3.(Breaking News): An umpire and former captain of Israel's national cricket team died after being hit by a ball, just two days after the death of Australian batsman Phillip Hughes due to a freak head injury left the sports world reeling. The Israel cricket association said Hillel Oscar died after being hit by a ball which had just been struck by a batsman. Oscar, 55, was officiating in a match in the southern port city of Ashdod.
Nine other players succumbed to death in the field while they were playing cricket due to the massive heart attack.

Should the "bouncers" be banned in Cricket?...Cavet is given to the Batsman... "If your name is written on that delivery, nothing can work" .

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