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My web pages goes responsive

I've taken a little time out to give the site a facelift. In the process I got my hands dirty with some queries, as well as a few other things I've been meaning to try ... I started learning HTML in 2003 and developed interest in creating web pages when Jegan was learning HTML as one of his subjects in the school caricullam. I studuied my own and started creating web pages for my companies where I worked, for our School and a deicated family webpage. I started learing about JS,CSS,Java aplets etc and keep updating till HTML5 and CSS3, Jquery etc., Web design is my passion and this page is responsive. I am presenting a sample from each page below, by clicking the title you will be taken to the main story.

My photography

In 1968, my father presented me a Kodak instamatic and it was my first camera. I used to click whatever I like ( it was a B/W era: Color was unimaginably costly and developing facilities were remote). Then I started tweeking my elder brother's Yashica TLR. I started learning "what is photography" in my college days and I was using Yashica range finder. I started subscribing ppopular foto magazines. I started "macro" when I was deeply involved in philately, for my exbits and presenatations. I got my first SLR , a Pentax,a surprise gift from my father. Then I added various lenses wide to tele. My son (is also a serious photo amateur) presented a Canon DSLR on our silver anniversary. Now I own a new Canon DSLR kit with improved techonology. The pictures you are seeing here are taken by us on various occassions.

Who we are

A small branch from a large family tree. We, Raja, Jana,Jegan Ananthi with a kid sweetie. Raja and Jana worked as bankers. Jegan and Ananthi are engineers and have Masters in their credits. They are serious in automobile electronics. Raja and Jegan are serious foto ametures. Jana and Ananthi though not serious they take stunning pics ( they are the helping hands when we are in a project). Now we are focused to Sweetie , a cute little baby. This web site is purely about our family and updating with events.

Raja,Jana,Jegan,Ananthi... forms "RAJANA". We are "shutter bugs" and click on everything whatever we see. This portal is dedicated to bring you everything we tried our hands in photography... its all here. Now and then we wander down some creative path and publish things related to photography. So don't be surprised to see the occasional goodies.

We are posting the pictures and videos shot by us. These are purely personal and family oriented and nothing commercial. However, we are interested in your feedback. Let us know how you liked our exposures.

So don't miss a thing... it is reloading the happiness

enjoy.. it is reloading the happiness