Sweetie's first visit to zoo : 2014, Jan 04

On her second birthday Sweetie went to zoo at Mysore and enjoyed very much with out any fear

Out of the many nursery rhymes Sweetie likes the "zoo song" very much and she is identifying the animals in the pictures. So we wanted to take her to the zoo, It was a co incident on her second Birth day to visit the zoo at Mysore.
The pictures are by Jegan shot during th visit and the small slide show was created with the background of the favorite rhyme and uploaded in my YouTube page. You can view it by clicking above or from here. (Click here) Thanks to the "Magic Box" for the rhyme as the background music and few scenes in the beginning. Thanks to Windows themes for the first peacock picture.

You can view few pictures shot in the Mysore Zoo in the full screen slide show . ( Click here)
You can view the two nursery rhymes on Zoo that inspired Sweetie :
Tamil: "அப்பா என்னை அழைத்துச் சென்றார"......Click Here
English: "Mommy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow"...... Click Here

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