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Street dogs....

Street Dogs .... it is not a new music album, it is about the menace of street dogs in Bangalore.   Bangalore streets are with stray dogs and threat to human life.

I am presenting some pictures shot with my Blackberry on the stray dogs while on my morning walking in my   Blog (click here)    page. 
Some dogs are soft,some are calm and some are ferocious and whatever, who dares to go nearby. I am also a "dog lover" and this story is about the street dogs menace recently faced in Bangalore.   Please do visit.

This is my pet Brutus..popularly known as "Buchu". Jana brought him up with love and care, with periodic ARV and other immunization injections. No harm with pets under proper care. Not only Buchu, we had many pet dogs, Lucky,Teddy,Goldie... name a few. So read the full story (click here)

Some more interesting features are coming on the following weeks

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