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Turn around

Since last   two weeks,  our  Sweetie has started  turning around         ( தமிழில்:  குழந்தை குப்புறக்கவிழ்ந்தது என்று சொல்வார்களே, அதான்)

We were much excited and started watching her how she is managing to bring her hands out. She is very clever, after bringing her hands out, she will raise her head and smile at us.
That smile is a million dollar smile.

I am presenting some pictures shot   during these days in  the Blog  (click here)    also in a new page.  (click here) .Video clippings are also attached therein.  Please do visit.

She has also started doing some  "work out"  by keeping both hands together and stretching  them above her head.  Small slide show on this  is below:

Some more interesting features are coming on the following weeks, it is reloading the happiness....

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