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  • Advik and Anish birthday celebration is at Tirunelveli on July 26,2012......
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  • புதிய செய்தி: எமது இணையதளம், இந்த இதழ் முதல் தமிழிலும்.....

First Birthday: Advik and Anish.

Chennai: Thursday,July 19.2012
Maalans have the plans to celebrate the first birth day of their twin grand children Advik and Anish next week 26th, Thursday. The celebration will be at our House at Tirunelveli.

To commemorate this occasion we have brought out a special issue in this web page. It is a simple slide show on the concept of "time line". you will see the pictures of the twins showing their activity in each month, from birthday to tll today.

The comments are by Maalan. When you mouse-over the pic you will see the comments appear on the top. An animated page will lead you to the slide show.     (click here)       

You may post your comments  in  my Blog  (click here).
   No doubt... it is reloading the happiness.
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