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MAVEN: Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN Mission:    a friend or foe ???

"America and India are not talking just on earth, but even at Mars," he quipped, adding, "The US reached on the 22nd (September) and India reached on the 24th." This is the statement by Mr.Modi, our Prime minister during his speech before a lage gathering of Indians On Sunday 28th Sep, 2014) in New York's Madison Square Garden a statistic to be proud of
He also spoke about the quirky communication between NASA's Maven and the Mangalyaan after its successful Mars entry.

Earlier on Wednesday, India created history by becoming the first country to succeed on its first Mars mission when Isro's Mangalyaan slipped into Martian orbit after a few nail-biting moments.

Waht is MAVEN?

Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN Mission (MAVEN) is a space probe designed to study the Martian atmosphere while orbiting Mars. Mission goals include determining how the Martian atmosphere and water, presumed to have once been substantial, were lost over time.
MAVEN was successfully launched aboard an Atlas V launch vehicle at the beginning of the first launch window on November 18, 2013.
On September 22, 2014, MAVEN reached Mars and was inserted into an areocentric elliptic orbit 6,200 km (3,900 mi) by 150 km (93 mi) above the planet's surface.
The probe arrived in Mars' orbit in September 2014, at approximately the same time as India's Mars Orbiter Mission,MANGALYAAN.
Two days before India hopes to become the first Asian nation to reach Mars, a U.S. spacecraft (MAVEN) that set off almost two weeks later than the Indian mission entered the orbit of the red planet.

NASA launched the $671 million Maven mission on Nov. 18 from Cape Canaveral, the 10th U.S. mission sent to orbit Mars. Three earlier launches of U.S. spacecraft bound for Mars failed

MAVEN: Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN Mission:
a friend or foe ???

There are many comparrisons and arguments about our MANGALYAAN and NASA's MAVEN,
about the cost of the project,
about the expriments to be carried out by them,
about the interference of thier courseof travelinthe Mars.
These doubts/ comparrisons are arosed mainly because, these two mars orbitors, have reached the Mars' orbit almost at the same time.
They are Friends only and not Foe; complementing each other. This is clear when we look at the objectsoftheir mission to MARS

MAVEN waschosenfrom eight other similar projects, by NASA for it's Mars Scout 2013 mission
On October 1, 2013, only seven weeks before launch, a US government shutdown caused suspension of work for two days and initially threatened to force a 26-month postponement of the mission.
With the spacecraft nominally scheduled to launch on November 18, a delay beyond December 7 would have caused MAVEN to miss the launch window as Mars moves too far out of alignment with the Earth.
However, two days later, a public announcement was made that NASA had deemed the 2013 MAVEN launch so essential to ensuring future communication with current NASA assets on Mars-the Opportunity and Curiosity rovers-that emergency funding was authorized to restart spacecraft processing in preparation for an on-time launch.

The space probe, the size of small car, will conduct no exotic experiments. K. Radhakrishnan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization, says the mission is more of a test to see if India can take a satellite all the way to Mars and circle the planet.
India's orbiter around Mars will study the presence of methane in the atmosphere, looking for clues that might indicate former life on the Red Planet.
ISRO Chairman stated in November 2013 that if the MOM and NASA's orbiter MAVEN were successful, they would complement each other in findings and help understand Mars better.

Mars orbit insertion
An enormous 100-foot-wide satellite dish at India's Deep Space Network has received and transmitted messages to the orbiter as it has hurtled along a 400-million-mile arc to Mars.
NASA put some of its own antennae at India's disposal to track the health of the Mars Orbiter Hence,both the Mars orbitors are complimenting each other. They are in different missions. The comparisons of the cost of the project is not posible.

My sincere thanks to NASA for the pictures and video displayed here.

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