The year 2016...

The year 2016 was full of events. The US presidential election was pushed back by the "Modi Magic" - demonitaisation of high value Indian currency notes.
Historical win in French open by Djkovic, Elected parliment in Myanmar after 50years, world's longest at 57km tunnel railroad inSwiss, Mother Teresa declared saint, Irom Sharmila ends her hungerstrike after 16 years,etc., everything you know. I have compailed few chosen events of 2016 and presentted here in few pages in the datewise chronological order.

Happy Newyear 2017...

Nov 6, 2016: air pollution in Delhi
Indian government declares levels of air pollution in Delhi an emergency situation, closing schools and construction sites.

Sunday 6 November 2016 .    Recently, Delhi and the region around the capital reported 24-hour average air pollution levels (over 900Ùg/m3; of PM 2.5, fine, toxic particles that embed themselves in respiratory and cardiac systems) nearly 40 times above the WHO's guidelines (25 Ùg/m3).

How hazardous is this? What makes our situation unique and particularly dangerous?
It is hazardous, with most pollutants at several times the acceptable limits. Fine particulate matter that is less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter has been linked to up to 16,200 premature deaths (and a staggering six million asthma attacks) per year in Delhi alone. There are reports that one of every four children in the Indian capital suffers from a serious lung disorder. Other constituents of air pollution such as Sulfur Dioxide, Ozone and Nitrogen Oxides are associated with a range of short-term and long-term health effects from reduced lung capacity, shortness of breath, to heart disease and even cancer.

Protesters highlight New Delhi's soaring air pollution ahead of COP22.

Pollution is a multifaceted phenomenon that results from a combination of vehicular, industrial and household sources. The burning of fuels such as coal leads to noxious gases such as Sulfur Dioxide. Diesel engines spout huge amounts of Nitrogen Oxides. Construction dust contributes to coarse particulate matter. And all of these sources are responsible for finer particulate matter, what we call PM 2.5. The burning of trash and leaves in the winter, which is a common practice in northern cities, adds to the toxicity as does agricultural burning.
In addition to all these, Delhi also suffers from its geography. The Indian capital is landlocked, with few avenues for flushing toxic air out of the city unlike, say, Mumbai. It is also located in a highly polluted air-shed and badly affected by the industrial and agricultural activity across the northern plains of India.


Indian government declares Delhi air pollution an emergency
The Indian government has declared severe levels of toxic air pollution in Delhi an "emergency situation" as administrators announce a plan to temporarily shut construction sites and a coal-fired power station to bring the situation under control. Schools in the capital will be closed for three days and traffic may be rationed, following six days of heavy smog and concentrations of harmful particles so high they cannot be measured by most air quality instruments.
The level of PM2.5 pollutants, which are the most harmful because they can reach deep into the lungs and breach the blood-brain barrier, have reached at least 999 in parts of the city this week, more than 16 times the safe limit of 60.
Young Indian runners take part in the New Delhi 10k Challenge amid heavy smog on Sunday. Around this time each year, hundreds of thousands of farmers in Haryana and Punjab set their fields on fire to dispose of crop remnants, sending smoke billowing across India's northern plains. On Sunday, Delhi's chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, announced emergency measures aimed at protecting residents, including a five-day ban on construction and demolition, thought to be a major contributor to pollution levels.


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